Welcome to save@work - helping offices to save energy and cut carbon.

Back in 2007 European Union (EU) leaders committed Europe to their 20-20-20 targets, of which 2 key objectives were:

  • 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels.
  • 20% improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency.

Nearly 40% of final energy consumption can be attributed to buildings, with 12% of the EU housing stock either publically owned or occupied. The public sector is a large employer and is often at the forefront of climate friendly initiatives. By tapping into their desire to set an example this initiative enables the public sector to demonstrate what it is to be a climate conscious organisation and employer.

Peruse the save@work  national brochure for details of how it worked in the UK and the final results!

UK participating cities and buildings

Taking place in 9 countries with 180 public office buildings and around 9,000 employee’s, the Save@Work project will provide an energy-saving template that can be used in the future, not just by the public sector but by all office-based organisations – a template for the energy efficient offices of the future!


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