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The Power of Chocolate

And so it begins…the competition to crown one of our 20 participating buildings as energy saving champion, has started. A number of the UK participating buildings belong to the Land Registry and competition between them is fierce, each one of them wanting to beat the others. Every participating building has an initial training workshop at which each team gets the opportunity to have a bit of a brainstorm and think about what sort of activities they want to run but as a witness to the discussion I am sworn to secrecy and not allowed to pass on one buildings ideas to another. They tell me they are just joking but I’m not so sure…!
Because the Land Registry offices are located all over England and Wales, it hasn’t been possible to do a single starting event and so each office has been given a sum of money that they can use to launch and promote the competition within their building. The majority of the teams appear to have opted for providing sweet treats to those who help them in their energy saving efforts – never underestimate the power of chocolate!
It is still very early days in the competition, the majority of teams are still holding their first energy team meetings and drawing up their action plans nevertheless, my experience so far of running the workshops has been to support that behaviour change adage, a little bit of healthy competition can go a long way in helping you achieve your goal. Let’s see how this develops over the next few months…

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