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Hidden energy savings and secret myths…

The energy teams are set up in the southeast of Sweden and most of them have already started to save energy and encourage their colleagues to join them. Most of the participating buildings are averaged sized office buildings, the largest has 250 employees but there are also smaller offices taking part with staff of between 8-10 people. It will be interesting to follow; will having a smaller number of employees make it easier to engage all staff and encourage them to take up new energy saving routines and behaviour, rather than having an office with more people?

The competition spirit is high. Elvira Laneborg, the energy team leader in Mörbylånga says: “The campaign is a fun method of getting people, the staff in the buildings, to talk about energy behaviour and routines. The challenge will be to keep the interest going throughout the year. We will meet this challenge with local competitions and events “

The teams were asked by the energy experts to come up with energy saving suggestions and ideas during the start-up workshops. But one of the familiar comments was: “we already save so much there is nothing more we can do.” However, an hour later and we always ended up with a list of possible ideas and actions of what could be done to save energy. Some circulating myths and unwritten rules of how and who could open windows has been aired and clarified. Unsealed windows and lights that couldn’t be switched off were some of the other hidden energy saving treasures found during the buildings energy check.

We also had excited members of staff who came up with so many different ways to influence and encourage their colleagues to get involved and save energy. The tools and campaign material was well received and they started to plan where and how the campaign material could be used to get the most out of it. The power of chocolate seems to work in Sweden as well.

To the Swedish buildings: “Heja Sverige!” (Go Sweden, Go!)

Lena Eckerberg, project manager Save@Work Sweden at Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden Ltd.

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