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A buzzing dilemma for Swedish Energy Team

The city hall sits in the centre of the town warmed by morning summer temperatures of around 10 degrees. This beautiful scene, however, is accompanied by a humming sound around the bike racks at the staff entrance. Could this be a swarm of bees? Sadly no, it is the sound of our building’s air conditioning unit.

With the basement for the hall reaching temperatures of 30 degrees, and even warmer on the 3rd floor, the needs and conditions for the building are controlled by an intelligent energy management system and it is occasionally necessary to have both cooling and heating systems in some rooms.

An energy team member questions “can I demand to have 18 degrees in my room when my colleague next door wishes to work in around 24 degrees? Is it our decision to choose or is it simply ignorance about how the ‘sneaky knobs’ which regulate the temperatures work in some of the rooms? Who has control of the 80 employees in the building?”

There is still some work to be done!

- An energy team member in Sweden

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