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Genesis of an Energy Team and the #Alloraspengo project

It’s August 2015 on a hot and busy summer afternoon an email arrives from AESS (the Italian save@work coordinator) inviting us to participate in the new save@work project.

On reading the objectives of the project I thought it looked good but the doubts started to creep in; how will we get colleagues involved without coming across as annoying; how will we avoid triggering arguments that don’t go anywhere?

We decide to stake everything on the energy team: this way the "corridor" work starts, it is here that we meet between appointments, asking colleagues already sensitive to the energy saving issue to join us and get involved in this project.

And so our atypical energy team was born; we talk about the activities to be implemented and we have a lot of fun! From the beginning, we made the decision that each team member will only do that which he or she does best:

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• Marco - Maintenance Service - he answers the technical questions;

• Mauro - Maintenance Service – he plays the "bad" guy with those colleagues who do not implement good energy saving practices (something he does normally anyway);

• Monia – Communication Service – she helps with outreach and awareness activities;

• Annarosa - Education Services – is the “bridge” with schools;

• Annamaria - Contracts Service – she will support everyone with her positive energy and her unusual ideas;

• Marialuisa (me) - Environment Services – I will be constantly quizzing colleagues looking for those cost free energy saving ideas.

and finally the ...

• "Joker" - depending on the new ideas that arise, we call “expert” colleagues, who know more than us about the topic and with a smile we ask for their help!


From our unusual group emerges the desire to have fun, to do something that is not just part of our duties and responsibilities but that is also a pleasure.

This is how we began to work and how, for example, thanks to our Joker, we started "#Alloraspengo" (“Then I switch it off”) a crowdfunding project aimed at encouraging secondary school to design and develop ICT applications and small tools for the monitoring of energy consumption.

A little fun story to show that things are moving forwards…


In June 2016 the office experiences a blackout for few minutes. A colleague says: "It must have been Marialuisa; even if she is on holiday, she knew that we had the lights on!"


-          Blog article from Marialuisa Campani (Municipality of Maranello, Italy)

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