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Midterm Motivation Meeting in Latvia

To meet up, share experiences, boost enthusiasm and simply have a good time, a motivation meeting for all Latvian Save@Work participants was held on the 3rd of November this year. The event was hosted by Tukums municipality Council energy team.

To kick things off, the teams looked at the overall energy saving results and were given awards for the most active participants. There were 5 categories:

  • Film star
  • Twitter activist
  • Most accurate participant
  • Most responsive participant
  • Most knowledgeable energy team.

No need to be sad for those outside the winning circle – all participants were winners as altogether Latvian teams had reached an excellent midterm energy saving result! Therefore, Save@Work cake for everyone!


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After the small award ceremony all participants were divided in mixed-up teams to share and discuss their experiences in the competition so far. Each team discussed and later presented one of 3 following topics: Project support materials, Energy saving measures implemented in buildings, and Communication with colleagues. Some interesting points from the discussion:

  • According to the participants, the best campaign support materials have been stickers, energy tips and definitely chocolates!
  • Energy saving actions and campaigns in buildings can be very different and still effective. The most important is motivation. Individual approach is also essential – best to speak to a colleague directly rather than sending one impersonal chain email.
  • Communicating energy saving ideas to other colleagues in the building can be easier or harder but as participants concluded – even the most sceptic colleagues have become positive and accepted changes in the working place after some time.
  • It also seems that some energy saving habits as switching off the PC screen and unnecessary lighting are here to stay also once the Save@Work competition ends.

Now, after meeting up and while everyone is still in high spirits, there is only one thing left to do - to continue the actions and keep up the good work!


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- Experiences from the Latvian Save@Work Energy Teams

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