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"Quiz buzz", the third save@work challenge in Hungary

The Hungarian partner, GreenDependent Institute, compiled an "office energy saving quiz" for the Energy Teams and other employees of the competing buildings, and announced it as the third save@work challenge. Since everybody likes quizzes, we were sure that it will be a success... and we were right!

The challenge consisted of two parts: first, the members Blog 12 photo1of each Energy Team had to fill in one quiz together, then the Energy Teams had to encourage their own colleagues to do the same – this time individually, possibly creating a little event around it. While for the first part the focus was on how many answers the Energy Teams got right, in the second part the organisers did not check how well the quizzes were filled in (we left this task to the Energy Teams) but instead we put the emphasis on the creativeness and successfulness of the promotion activity within the buildings. The two parts of the challenge had different deadlines, we provided the Energy Teams with the correct answers only after they had submitted their quizzes. The challenge was running for two months, giving everybody ample time to prepare. Moreover, the Christmas Holidays were also within this timeframe, so if the Energy Teams wanted to, with the help of the quiz they could make their office Christmas celebration a little greener.

The questions were mostly based on the information provided in the energy saving tips, the Strategic Handbook or the Green Clicks tool, so in a way the quiz also contributed to promoting these materials one more time. The Energy Teams did so well that we couldn't help but give all of those a prize who filled the quiz in. Without an exception they reached at least 85%!

Blog 12 photo2In regards to publicising the quiz among colleagues, the building who received the first prize organised a Christmas celebration, where they drank the Fairtrade tea they won for the second save@work challenge. The employees baked some cakes to supplement it and lit candles they had made themselves earlier. As the Energy Team pointed out in their report about the event, since almost everybody attended the celebration, the energy consumption of the building reduced significantly for that day. At the end, 94 % of the employees filled in the quiz.

Other buildings chose to promote the office energy saving quiz online, via e-mails or sharing a link to the electronic version of the quiz they created. All buildings marked the completed quizzes they received and handed out presents, such as the save@work mugs, to the best performing employees. Rewarding the efforts of the participating buildings, the organisers presented them with coupons which they can spend on energy saving equipment.


Written by: GreenDependent Institute, Hungary

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