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General Idea

In the UK 20 public office buildings and their staff will actively take part in the campaign to promote energy saving behaviour in the work place.

Information Campaign

On the back of this action plan, the Energy team will run an information campaign amongst their colleagues, encouraging them to look at their energy use. As a tool to help staff reduce their energy consumption, they will also have access to Green Clicks, an online toolkit that is part of the project and helps individuals to look at the energy usage of their own work station, providing tips on how they can reduce it.

Energy Teams

Each building will form its own Energy Team, a key group of individuals drawn from amongst the employee’s. The team will receive the support and training needed to carry out a simplified energy audit of their building. If you think this could be you, let us know

Energy Savings Tool

Each month a member of the Energy Team will take the building’s energy meter readings and add them to a specially developed online toolkit that will calculate whether your building is using more or less energy than in the previous year.

Action Plan

Under the guidance of the Energy Team, each building will carry out its own energy audit, using real energy consumption data. On the basis of the energy audit, staff will be supported in drawing up an action plan of low cost and behavioural change measures, green procurement as well as supporting longer-term measures for investments in building renovation and modernisation, providing each building with its own ‘aspirational’ action plan.


Throughout the duration of the project, each building will compete against all 180 public office buildings from 9 countries , to see who can make the greatest energy savings.

At the end of the competition period the winners for both the national and European wide competitions will be selected. The methodology for how this will be done can be downloaded below.


  • ENERGY TEAMS Oct. - Dec. 2015
    Creation of the energy team
  • Training Jan. - Mar. 2016
    Start of training and action plan workshops
  • Competition Start 1st of March 2016
  • Training during the competition
    Training, workshops, internal communication campaign, energy meter readings and online energy saving monitoring
  • Competition End 28th of February 2017
  • Action Plan March 2017
    Workshop to update the action plan
  • Celebration Summer 2017
    Celebrate the savings!


There is a vast array of materials that were designed for this project that can be downloaded and used for your own energy saving campaign.

Top Tips



Strategic Handbook

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